From The Problem of Thinking Too Much:
“Other things being equal, finish the job that is
nearest done.”

A famous physicist offered this
advice: “Don’t waste time on obscure fine points
that rarely occur.”

But these are the easiest avenues to impress and annoy your more intellectual friends!
Decision theorist I. J. Good writes, “The
older we become, the more important it is to use
what we know rather than learn more.”

Exploration vs exploitation. If all you do is self-improve, and then die, what for?
Galen offered this: “If a lot of smart people have thought
about a problem [e.g., God’s existence, life on other
planets] and disagree, then it can’t be decided.”

Or smart people only selectively seek unbiased truth. Conformity, tribalism, and politics don’t merely influence, but contain our thinking.