Snorting Insulin Post-meal Reduces Snack Cravings


Insulin administration in the postprandial but not in the fasted state decreased appetite as well as intake and rated palatability of chocolate chip cookies (the most palatable snack offered). In both experiments, intranasal insulin induced a slight decrease in plasma glucose but did not affect serum insulin concentrations. 

This is snorted (nasal spray) insulin, so it apparently goes to the brain without much affecting overall blood levels.

Normally, too much insulin leads to reduced insulin sensitivity, which is counterproductive, so it’s not clear whether this is a good long term approach. Perhaps the fact that blood insulin levels aren’t elevated doesn’t damage sensitivity.

via (ignore his speculation about high-glycemic starches being a good-for-controlling-snack-cravings diet; that would act through the bloodstream and so isn’t relevant to this study - I’m not saying it’s wrong, just unrelated)