Presumably, They Have Intercourse

The Lives of Others (2006) was more to me than just a story about the East German secret police. It’s better than any of the great movies released last year (King’s Speech, Animal Kingdom, Winter’s Bone, Black Swan). It also has one of my favorite movie sex scenes (“presumably, they have intercourse”).

Rampage (2009) was exuberant and creepy, but the directing was not, as many reviewers claimed, great, or even good. The final epilogue should definitely have been cut. End instead on Brendan Fletcher (who was awesome) talking to his parents instead. Also, I would not have played the bingo scene for laughs - too out of character.

Never Let Me Go was dull but not awful. I loved the book. The movie’s story would be a little muddled unless you’ve read the book. But if you’ve read the book, you don’t need the movie. The scenario makes little sense (also a problem with the book). I also didn’t understand why the movie captions gave years like 1980; it should be future-science-fiction, since it has human cloning.