Misc. Reviews

poor: dexter (current season only; first season and lithgow season were great), salt, the other guys, megamind, twilight 2+3 (movies; 3 is one of the worst movies I’ve seen)

decent: house, the hundred thousand kingdoms (female get-sexed-by-gods fantasy), perdido street station (cleverly atmospheric but tedious), twilight 1 (movie), remember me (loved the final school scene, hated the hit-by-bus ending. also, female lead was weakly acted)

good: kimi ni todoke (anime. in the extremely pure-hearted young romance subgenre. some very pretty moments amidst the formulaic cuteness), adventureland and kristen stewart (she’s excellent at emoting desire for a man, and she doesn’t overact) 

great: robert pattinson (even though he’s been in only mediocre films so far), winter’s bone (fantastic writing, casting, directing, and acting. final scene was devastating; take out the overdone “are u gonna leave us?” schmaltz and it’s perfect.) loosely, it’s a more female-centric version of animal kingdom, and nearly as good.