Over the Hill

I’m turning 33 soon.
the most obvious misunderstood fact of player performance: it is sharply peaked at age 27 and decreases rapidly, so rapidly that only the very best players were still useful at the age of 35. He was able to observe only one executive that seemed to intuit this–a man whose sole management strategy was to trade everybody over the age of 30 for the best available player under the age of 30 he could acquire.
That’s for baseball.  In other professions, the peak differs.  Physicists peak at 40.

Everyone is repeating “10000 hours until mastery (40 hrs/week for 5 years)” since Malcom Gladwell, but this is apparently backed by some research. Since some tasks are shallower than others, I imagine that they would need less time to become e.g. 99% as effective as at the peak. Is the time until peak really stable across disciplines?

Found via Craig Heldreth.