Kick Ass, Solar, House, Black Dynamite, Extremely Loud, House, Ironman 2, Alice in Wonderland

Kick Ass: excellent. alternatively hilarious and moving. almost ruined by retarded climactic “boss fight”.

Solar: excellent. both slapstick and insightful.  includes brutal mockery of (strawman?) postmodernism.  same author as book behind movie “Atonement”, which I also liked.

House: pretty much the only soap opera I’ve ever enjoyed, in spite of some “repetitive formula” episodes.

Black Dynamite: funny

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: good. overly sentimental and leans too much on the Forrest Gump idiot/outsider child mouthpiece for the author’s cleverest observations, but also surprisingly touching by the end.

Ironman 2: boring and dumb.  high quality crap.

Alice and Wonderland: extremely boring and occasionally charming