Corn Syrup Hysteria

Princeton scientists have been claiming that any food that has more fructose than glucose is harmful and obesity-promoting.  Table sugar and bananas, for example, have equal parts fructose and glucose.  HFCS has slightly more fructose than glucose, and many fruits have significantly more (for instance, apples).

In studies directly comparing the effect of fructose and glucose preloads on subsequent food intake, one showed no difference [7], while the majority have shown the fructose preload resulting in lesser food intake than the glucose preload [8-10]. A recent review of the literature on fructose’s effect on satiety found no compelling case for the idea that fructose is less satiating than glucose, or that HFCS is less satiating than sucrose [11].
(from Alan Aragon)

An apple has 10g of fructose.  There’s no reason to believe that 50g of fructose per day is harmful.