Inglorious Basterds, Avatar, Up in the Air, Sherlock Holmes

Avatar was very fun in 3d, and although it seemed incredibly dumb at times, even Lucas-like in dialog, it showed a type of spare simplicity and good taste that I didn’t see in the Star Wars prequels. Tarantino is getting even better. I love his musical direction, his tense setups, his delightful gore, even his witty banter. It’s nice that he didn’t act in this film. Basterds is my favorite recently made movie.

Up in the Air bored me intensely. We left after 40 minutes of one-note wanna-cutesiness. I may finish it one day on DVD. Instead we saw Sherlock Holmes, which was also utterly boring as far as interaction between or development of characters, but offered some momentary visual and technical charms. Fun slo-mo fight w/ incredible planning (as in absolutely unbelievable; Holmes must be seen as a comic superhero, which I gladly grant). I’d say this is the same type of movie as da Vinci Code, only with a more pleasing style and lead. I love Tom Hanks but his da Vinci character (Dr. Robert Landon?) is boring as fuck.