Explosive Exercise


This paper reviews evidence relating to the effectiveness and safety of explosive exercises, such as Olympic style weight lifting, other weight training exercises performed at a fast cadence, and plyometric exercises, that are commonly used in the strength and conditioning training of athletes.Contrary to popular belief and the practices of many athletes, the peer-reviewed evidence does not support the view that such exercises are more effective than traditional, slow and heavy weight training in enhancing muscle power and athletic performance. 

In fact, such exercises do not appear to be any more effective in this regard than weight training at a relatively slow cadence, and some evidence suggests they are less so.

Also, such explosive exercises do not transfer well (if at all) to athletic performance on the sports field, and present a significant injury risk.
Nonetheless, I expect that the stereotypical uncoordinated, awkward, muscle-bound bodybuilder really exists to the extent that he has practiced no additional physical skills.  Presumably the sport is practiced explosively to the extent that there’s any performance benefit in doing so.  People love to win.