Pride and Prejudice (2005)

fantastic.  top 50 for me.  keira knightley surprised me (after he vapid role in pirates) with great acting (everyone’s acting choices appealed to me, except for the fey rich sister).  i was extremely pleased with the many clever, artistic shots (sometimes well-synchronized to musical phrases).  it’s rare that i appreciate a courtly dance scene, but the fading away of everyone but elizabeth + mr. darcy was fun.  mr. darcy is essentially a superhero.  i wonder if many women today find him as attractive as i do.  his forceful manner would be obnoxious if it weren’t supported by such competence and reliability beneath, but i far prefer him to the modern hyper-cute “player” archetype, or the shallow self-conscious james bond. 

elizabeth, while far too intelligent to comfortably fill the role offered her in society, ultimately isn’t capable of taking responsibility for her own feelings, relying on the man to take the initiative.  she definitely wouldn’t have earned his admiration were it not for her many flashy outbursts, which did show an uncompromising strength and self-assurance that attracted me, even if they seemed at times either rash or affected (covering up some hurt to her pride).